Chuck & Irene's Bar, Restaurant, and Hotel 
Daily Specials

     Drink Specials Everyday

Well Shots ----------$3.00
Pitchers of Beer --Lg. - $7.75   Sm. -- $4.25
Rum Chata shots -------$3.00
Lemon Drop shots -----$3.00
All DeKkuyper shots ---$3.00
The above are every day

Cherry Bombs , Jager Bombs, and
Vegas bombs--$3.50
23 oz. Drafts  ---------=$3.00

Buckets of Beer
$12.00 for Domestic   $15.00 for Imports

 Check out our What's Happening Now for          our Lamb Specials

        Daily Lunch Specials
         Monday thru Thusrsday  10 AM  to 8 PM   for  $6.50
Try our Delicions
                         Italian Beef Sand. --------------$7.00

Fridays  only -- We have a variety of Seafood,
              serving from 10 AM  to  9 PM
          see our menu for more details and more items.
We now have Tomato Bread on our Menu.
      It is only $5.00 an order, for a nice full plate.
               It also comes with marinara sauce.

We now have
Chicken Livers & Chicken Gizzards

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